The Science of Sex After Babies

A recent German study published in the journal Human Nature suggests that a woman’s libido plummets dramatically after establishing a relationship, while a man’s desire for sex with his partner continues consistently throughout the relationship, who’d have thought?

The study, conducted by Dietrich Klusmann of Hamburg-Eppendorf University,

A German study showed declining libido in women after babies, now why would that be?

questioned more than 500 people at different stages of life too try and get a snapshot of sexual desire. Klusmann’s report noted a severe decline in woman’s desire for sex once they have entered a relationship.

The study reported that 60% of women in their thirties expressed a desire for regular nooky at the beginning of a relationship. This figure then steadily declined to fall below 50% in the first 4 years, until twenty years later it stood at only 20%. Men, on the other hand, seemed to remain constant in their sexual desire, the proportion remaining at 60-80%, no matter how far  into the relationship they progressed.

The study, rather strangely, compared similar behavior in the female ‘prairie’ vole and theorized that women may be keeping their ‘resources’ scarce in order to keep the male of the species (that’s you) interested. While alternatively the male’s libido stays high in order to keep their partner faithful and discourage other suitors.

“Well, that’s just great!”, a thousand prairie voles sigh in unison. Don’t fret prairie voles, the study, as depressing as it sounds, didn’t take into account a number of factors, not least the fact that Germans aren’t exactly renowned for being spontaneous.

Detractors of the research pointed out a number of discrepancies, particularly the idea that many women may have less of a chance too feel sexy because of various modern commitments including career. Furthermore, the study also neglected the fact that many other studies, although acknowledging a decline in libido, have discovered that the quality (as opposed to quantity) of sex improves with the age of the relationship.

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