Tackle Tips For Getting Pregnant

For those of you whose partners’ are trying to get pregnant  there a number of things that can keep the guys downstairs from becoming a sheltered workshop.

Get Into Free-Balling
Those tight-jeanclad-eighties-rock-gods never knew what they were doing to themselves. Tight or synthetic pants or underwear may effect sperm production by pulling the scrotum closer to the body and increasing temperature. So shelve the grandpa Y-fronts and skin-tight denims of your youth and hang loose, cotton boxers and chinos being sperm-friendly, de rigour.

Body Weight
Studies have shown that excess body weight may affect fertility in both males and females.

It is thought that too much or too little body weight may play a part in disrupting reproductive hormones and in-turn your ability to produce healthy sperm.
Both men and women with a body mass index of more than 29 are likely to be less fertile and take longer than average to conceive while women with a body mass index of less than 19 are more likely to be less fertile.

Macho, yes! But are his pants affecting his ability to have children?

In short, having a healthy body weight in both sexes will increase the likelihood of fertility.

Lay Off The Booze
Although a large percentage of the population uses alcohol as a social lubricant and many a coupling couple may have never met if it wasn’t for this ubiquitous social lubricant, it is probably best to limit intake in both males and females when trying to get pregnant.

High alcohol intake is known to damage sperm and cause a number of nasty problems in women including decreased fertility and menstrual disorders.

Quit Smoking
It’s no surprise that something that is proven to kill people is going to affect your sperm quality. Studies have shown smokers to be up to half as fertile as non-smokers, and it has been proven that smoking negatively effects sperm morphology and motility.

Smoking in women can cause early menopause and menstrual problems. Evidence also shows that smoking during pregnancy increase the risk of spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, pre-term delivery and perinatal mortality. Other evidence also suggests that smoking while pregnant in woman can pass cancer-causing agents on to the fetus.

What more do you need to know, give the fags a miss!

Ask About Prescription Drugs
If you are taking prescription drugs, and this includes over the counter sales, it is important to ask about their possible effects on your fertility as there are any number of prescription drugs which may inhibit your ability to conceive.

Occupational Hazards
As if the nine to five grind wasn’t bad enough it may also be affecting your fertility. Some occupations may involve exposure to hazards which can effect both male and female fertility, people who are concerned about this should seek the appropriate advice from their doctor.

Avoid Steroid Use
Probably only relevant to the severe gym junkies among us, the use of steroids, which are usually taken illegally can, ironically, shrink your testicles and reduce sperm production.

Avoid Recreational Drug Use
Yup, you guessed it, along with tobacco, booze and steroids, recreational drugs are also not going to help your sperm be at the top of the game.

Marijuana is known to effect sperm motility while other recreationals such as cocaine and ecstasy have been shown to reduce sperm count and affect the shape and function of your little wrigglers.

Avoid Excessive Ejaculation and Prolonged Abstinence
Both are known to affect the number and quality of sperm. Intercourse every 2 to 3 days at prime fertility times is thought to maintain sperm quality.

For men folic acid intake in combination with zinc sulphate has been shown to have often dramatic effects on sperm counts. Some men when taking these supplements increased their sperm count by as much as 74 per cent. (See; Folic Acid and Zinc Sulphate may Increase Sperm Count)

Ever wondered why Ronald Mc Donald doesn’t have kids? You are what you eat and a healthy diet has a direct relation to the health of your sperm.

Try To Reduce Stress
Apart from handicapping you in the bedroom Olympics some research suggests that stress may inhibit certain hormones needed for producing sperm.

Flu Warning!!!
Although it’s out of your control it’s worth noting that a virus or flu can knock your sperm around for up to three months. This is because the sperm being made at the time of a flu or infection will take about 90 days to fully mature off the production line and therefor be affected.

Although a flu probably won’t knock them into infertility if they (and you) are already in shape the thinking goes that if they are borderline fertility a virus may push them over the edge for a period of time.

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