Naughty massage to protect your partners vagina

The Ancient Art of Perineal Massage.

Will your partners vagina be the same after birth, let’s face facts, probably not.

Perineal Massage is a massage technique designed to help prevent extensive vagina tearing. The place you are targeting is called the perineum it the area of your partner from the vagina to her anus. This technique is thought to increase the stretchiness and flexibility of the perineum to help prevent tearing.

The steps to Perineal Massage are as follows:

  1. Massage some lubricant into the perineal area until its completely worked in.  (about four minutes).
  2. Then add more lubricant and insert the two index fingers shallowly (3-4cm) into the vagina and gently stretch the perineum down and to the sides, hold for about two minutes.
  3. This will cause a burning sensation in your partner vagina as her perineum stretches…allow her a second or two to catch her breath, then repeat.
  4. Please note perineal message is not always an invitation to sex so discuss this with the misses before you start and also consult with your caregiver before undertaking the noble art.
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