In Stores in September!

7 years in the making (6 procrastinating and 1 actually writing) ‘Man With A Pram’, published by Hachette Australia, hits the bookstores next month. So what exactly is it about you ask? Written by Jon Farry and Stephen Mitchell, it’s a book about pregnancy that men will actually read.

The idea came from a problem the authors’ were discussing in a Men’s  Pregnancy Support Group. OK, admittedly this support group was pretty informal and basically consisted of two guys drinking perhaps one too many beers in a pub. The gripe at the time concerned two factors that were weighing heavily on us and becoming a continuing irritation throughout our partners’ pregnancies.

The first factor was that there seemed to be an almost total lack of books about pregnancy aimed at men, which in retrospect this was probably because no one had been stupid enough to try and write one before. The second factor was that both our partners seemed to be showing increasing irritation at our lack of interest in the pregnancy books that they kept strategically leaving around the house. The sub-text of their irritation seemed to be that we (read men) were simply not interested in pregnancy and ergo, our partners’ lives, aspirations and very being in general. An argument which we found to be just a tad unjustified.

Amazingly further ‘research’ at other Men’s Pregnancy Support Groups (with at least two other guys) seemed to confirm a common belief among women on this subject. I mean the nerve! Now it’s fairly obvious that men are a bit disconnected from pregnancy as let’s face it they’re not actually pregnant. But it would be a cruel misjudgement to say they wouldn’t be interested if the information available was more in tune to their primitive brains.
Female pregnancy books, with their pages full of pictures of inanely grinning people who for some reason are always staring into blank space through a blurry white fog, simply do not appeal to men. They also seem to take a strange tone that makes you feel like they are trying to address someone who is mentally deficient or under five years old. This plus any paragraph that uses the word ‘embark’, ‘journey’ or ‘adventure’ more than three times to describe pregnancy is a sure sedative for the male species. They just switch off: ‘Of course I’m interested in the pregnancy honey!’ Embark … journey … adventure … SNORE!

We knew what had to do.

We had to selflessly write a book which appealed to men for the sake of pregnant couples everywhere. It had to be factual, funny, practical, interesting, a bit blokey and somehow appeal to men and women alike with funny facts and interesting tit-bits. It was a hard ask and ironically took ages as we ended having babies, which take up a lot more time than we suspected, but here it is. We embarked on the adventure, nay journey, and finished the bugger!

We’ll be posting up more stuff from the book and special ‘extra’ stuff in coming weeks- Enjoy!

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